United States Marine Corps Sgt. Tyler Andrews undergoes 25th surgery for injuries in Kabul – CBS Sacramento


FOLSOM (CBS13) – Sergeant Tyler Vargas Andrews, who is with the United States Marine Corps, underwent his 25th surgery on Thursday morning. The sergeant was injured in a suicide bombing attack on August 26 at Kabul airport, the same attack that killed 13 U.S. servicemen, including Roseville Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee.

Sergeant Vargas Andrews is currently receiving emergency medical treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC after starting his recovery process in Germany.

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“Sergeant Vargas Andrews embodies the core institutional values ​​of the United States Marine Corps of honor, courage and commitment. As a young man, he knew he wanted to be a US Marine and stuck with that vision. While stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, he shared the experience of reuniting Afghan children with their families in a precarious and chaotic situation, which brought him great joy and made his mission worthwhile, ”said said Cameron Andrews, Tyler’s great-uncle.

Andrews is not only a native of Folsom, but he was an active member of the community before graduating from high school in 2016 and joining the Marine Corps in 2017. He was a talented athlete and passionate about baseball. and football, which he played in several junior leagues, high school teams and at Folsom Lake College.

Andrews is currently recovering from a left hip disarticulation and amputation above the right elbow, as well as multiple organ removal surgeries and severe internal damage.

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Her recovery is expected to take 12 to 24 months and will give her a lifetime of follow-up medical treatment and physical therapy.

Donations can be made for Andrews’ recovery to his GoFundMe page.

“The family expresses their sincere gratitude for all the prayers, support and fundraising efforts currently underway to support Sergeant Vargas Andrews’ long-term recovery efforts. #tylerusmcstrong, ”said Andrews’ great-uncle.

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Learn more about Andrews’ grueling recovery process here.


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