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A Singaporean woman who was vacationing in Europe with her husband, suddenly felt ill, could not have been treated in hospitals there, fell into a coma and died.

The tragedy was reported by Shin Min Daily News on March 3, 2022.

The deceased, named Ma Qingqing, 42, was a financial advisor.

She died on February 19 in Frankfurt, Germany.

What happened

The late Ma and her husband had spent over S$6,000 booking a holiday with a tour group in Europe for 11 days in October 2021, some two years after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

The woman, according to her husband, felt unwell after getting off the plane in Europe and fell into a coma on the seventh day of the vacation.

The deceased previously worked in a bank.

Her husband Zhang, 44, also works in a bank.

The vacation itinerary included trips to the Netherlands, Germany and France.

They started their European holiday on February 12.

Malaise in the Netherlands

Husband told Shin Min his wife felt unwell with a headache and sore throat as soon as she got off the plane after a 12-hour flight to Amsterdam, which was their first stopover .

He said: “My wife took painkillers that day, and the next day she also had anti-retroviral treatment and the result was negative.”

“She felt that maybe it was just because she hadn’t flown in a long time and her body wasn’t used to it.”

“At that time, her condition was mild, and we toured as usual, and went to several attractions.”

I feel better after a few days

On the third day of the trip, her cold symptoms improved, but she unexpectedly had sudden pain in her lower abdomen.

The guide took her to the first aid center at the hotel.

After measuring his blood pressure, everything was considered normal.

Medical staff then gave her painkillers and told her to seek medical attention if she still felt pain.

She apparently felt better after taking the medicine, so she continued her trip to Germany.

Requested medical treatment in Germany

Upon arrival in Germany, the woman went to hospitals in two cities for medical examinations, but could not find the cause.

Her lower abdomen became more sore.

She was eventually sent to hospital in Frankfurt on February 18.

The husband said he was unable to accompany his wife to the hospital due to the pandemic measures in place, and the doctor had suspected a bladder infection as the cause, but the report came out showing that everything was normal.

Sent to intensive care

The husband said his wife was then moved to the intensive care unit two hours after contacting him.

The doctor could not give a definitive answer as to the cause of his condition and said there were no results as it was in the middle of the night.

Died shortly after

His wife died the next morning.

The husband told Shin Min, “After I arrived at the hospital, my wife was dying and finally passed away at 8:48 a.m. on February 19. She was fine, so why did this happen?”

More allegations

Additional information regarding what the deceased woman allegedly went through while trying to get treatment in Europe was posted in the Facebook post posted by Shin Min.

In it, the husband claimed his wife was denied treatment options at almost every turn.

The allegations, made by the husband, were that his wife had sought medical treatment at least six times in the Netherlands and Germany.

These cases included seeking help at the hotel’s first aid center, local clinics, major hospitals, and even the airline’s medical department.

He said that not only the cause of his late wife’s illness was not found every time, but the relevant institutions even delayed arranging for her admission to the hospital, which caused him to miss the golden period of receiving prompt treatment that could have saved her. .

Improper sending

The husband also said that his wife’s body had been transported to Singapore more than 10 days after her death and that the publication of the autopsy report would apparently have to wait another month or so.

The cause of death is still unknown.

He also claimed to have spent around 6,200 euros (S$9,283) to find a local undertaker to take care of the funeral in Europe and to obtain an embalming certificate from the authorities.

However, after his wife’s body was sent to Singapore, the local undertaker discovered that the body had not been embalmed at all after leaving Germany.

[Edit note: The information in this last portion has been edited from “China” to “Singapore”.]

Best Pictures via Shin Min Daily News

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