BYD to build electric buses for Tampa International Airport

Photo courtesy of BYD

Tampa International Airport in Florida will soon receive four BYD battery-electric buses, the automaker said on Tuesday.

The airport plans to deploy the 40-foot BYD K9Ms to bring airport workers from the employee parking lot to the main terminal.

Zero-emission buses will replace CNG buses that are nearing the end of their lifespan, BYD said.

“BYD’s innovative zero-emission bus technology is a perfect fit for Tampa International Airport’s desire to be an industry leader in sustainability,” said Patrick Duan, senior vice president of BYD for North America. “With their defined routes, airport shuttles are a natural next step for the electrification of transport. We look forward to supporting the airport in bringing these buses into service and finding new green technologies for their operations. “

Tampa International Airport is the latest airport to purchase zero-emission BYD buses.

Kansas City International Airport has seven 30-foot BYD K7Ms. Two 40-foot K9Ms are in service at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Los Angeles World Airports, BYD’s largest airport customer, operates 20 of BYD’s 60-foot articulated K11Ms.

The K9M has 37 + 1 seats, a range of 155 miles and can be quickly recharged in two to three hours.

The buses are built at BYD’s Coach & Bus factory in Lancaster, California.

BYD’s zero-emission buses exceed Federal Transit Administration’s “Buy America” requirements, incorporating over 70% US content. BYD is the leading manufacturer of battery-powered electric buses in the United States with both a unionized workforce and a community benefits agreement, which sets goals for hiring veterans, single parents, second chance citizens and others who face barriers to obtaining employment in the manufacturing sector.

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