Bangalore airport flooded, tractors carry travelers


The airport premises turned into a “city bus station” as locals carrying international travelers to the terminal announced the destination “airport terminal” aloud. On a normal day, premium cars are driven to and from Kempegowda International Airport, approximately 40 km from Bengaluru town. But on Sunday and Monday, the good ol ‘tractors came to the rescue of passengers who had to catch a flight from the airport following the inundation of the climb lanes to the multitude of posh overflights to the airport.

As passengers found themselves stranded by the side of the road with their luggage, tractors from nearby areas offered to transport people as heavy rain in the area continued late Monday evening, further clogging the roads. In video clips shared on social media, farmers were seen screaming offering help transporting passengers in tractors and people easily hopped on tractors with their luggage in hand. Some people have been seen wading through flooded roads and climbing onto a tractor to reach the airport gates.

The roads around the pick-up and drop-off points outside the airport were also heavily flooded. “We had never seen such a situation since 2008, when the airport became operational. The tractor did not come from the airport … The water was everywhere, outside the airport … even the arrival and departure area was flooded “, Jayraj Shanmugam, CEO of Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport Limited, was quoted in the media. Low visibility due to the rains also affected flight operations at Bengaluru airport. Meanwhile, the city of Bangalore experienced heavy rainfall on Monday and Tuesday, causing a flood-like situation across the city.

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