Advantages of applying for credits online

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With this type of financing for individuals, the self-employed, Lite lender company or MMS, depending on the amount requested, it is possible to cover credit needs, with an offer adapted to each person’s personal circumstances.

These new state-of-the-art (Financial Technology) services emerged several years ago as an alternative to traditional banks. The conventional and regulated credit market places more obstacles in the granting of credits and loans for both individuals and companies.

Faster credits and less requirements

Faster credits and less requirements

The waiting times in the granting of fast credit by traditional banks are very long, which, together with the rigidity in the requirements for granting, cause an increase in the demand for agile services geared towards a more modern and consistent public. to the digital age.

If we add to the economic crisis that the country is going through, the inability of banks to cover credit applications, we will find several reasons why new effective solutions for new online credit have proliferated. Customers appreciate the quick response offered by all online companies and in many cases the granting of a credit is immediate, this facilitates consumption and is a new way for the economy to improve substantially.

What types of credits can you request?

What types of credits can you request?

Small credits:

They are fast money loans of small amounts aimed at people, usually the repayment is in the short term, they are intended to face small unforeseen events or they simply allow you to treat yourself without having to fill out large paperwork without having to justify every euro requested. Within this modality the most recommended are free credits , many online lenders give the first Small credit to new clients at cost or interest 0.

The money back commitment is usually 30 or 60 days, but without any commission or additional cost, only the amount requested to test the service. These credits range from $ 100 to $ 1,000 approximately and are available between 15 and 30 minutes by making an online application that will not take more than a few minutes.

  • Online : they are loans to individuals without the need to justify the need for financing.
  • Instantaneous : its main characteristic is the speed in the concession and the money is available almost instantly. In most cases the money can be in the account after 15 or 30 minutes from the request.
  • With Financial Credit Institutions : these are granted to individuals who have outstanding debts and for this reason do not have access to any conventional line of credit.
  • No guarantee : It is not necessary to present a guarantee to guarantee the return of the loan, only the applicant will be responsible for the return.
  • Without payroll : It is not necessary to have a payroll and have income domiciled in a financial institution.
  • Interest free or free : it is a special promotion for new clients , they have the possibility to request the first loan without interest and thus evaluate the quality of the service for free.

All these types of mini-credits can be found by accessing directly through the Internet or using any of the financial comparators that exist in the market.

The online loan:

It is a financial operation where a person or entity lends a certain amount of money to another person who agrees to repay the requested amount and certain interest (which is agreed and reflected in a contract) over a period of time.

They are normally requested in a situation of urgent financial difficulty. These in turn have different types of online loans :

  • Personal : they are requested by individuals without the need to justify the reason for the loan request,
  • To consumption : these consumer loans usually finance durable goods, they can finance a home reform, the purchase of a car, a trip …
  • Study : they serve to cover the costs of the academic training of the person requesting it.
  • Mortgage : these loans can be of fixed or variable installment, in the medium or long term as required by the applicant.
  • Credit cards: Many companies that compare credits online also compare credit cards since it is still another source and form of financing. Credit cards are issued by an entity that will allow the customer to make certain operations on credit, such as the purchase of goods and services.

Among the advantages of applying for a credit online are:

  • High limits: Contrary to what many people may think, relatively high money limits can be requested, through online credits you can request large amounts of money with minimal requirements.
  • You will not waste any more time : The advantage of the concession time allows the wait to be reduced a lot; The maximum delivery time once the operation is approved can be between 24 and 48 hours, something unthinkable for a traditional bank.
  • Minimum list of requirements: the list of requirements is substantially reduced, there is no need for endless paperwork and documents that most of the time are unnecessary and will only occupy space unnecessarily.
  • No more explanations : it is not necessary to give explanations or justify why the money is necessary, entities do not usually ask the reasons why the loan is requested. Only by filling out the application and having the DNI or NIE at hand, applicants are one step away from receiving financing.
  • Anyone can request it : it is not necessary to have a company or micro-company to apply for an online credit, access is for all kinds of people over 18 years of age without neglecting any economic condition.
  • You agree to your installments : It is possible to customize the monthly installments or payments, the dates and the economic amounts of the installments are established through an agreement between the entity and the applicant that allows adapting amounts and time to the requirements and conditions to measure. No loan or credit or its circumstances are the same, so it is necessary to adapt each offer in a timely manner.

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